Saturday, January 9, 2010

Insulting Departed Soul

Ruchika Girhotra was resting peacefully after departing from her earthly abode, giving responsibility to her friend Aradhana and her parents to fight against not only her tormentor but also murderer.
She did not leave us because of her choice but was forced to by a beast in human form called S P S Rathor. She was prepared to fight and tolerate all inhuman treatment meted to her but her courage caved in after seeing insults and criminal charges inflicted on her Father and Brother. She was shattered by the treatment she got from her School, which is a second home for any child and a source of love, affection and moral courage.
Aradhana and her parents picked up the cudgel on Ruchika’s behalf thinking they have to fight only Khaki wearing monster, but on entering the arena it dawned on them that they were up against the whole Haryana political system irrespective of the parties they belong to as they pampered and promoted him in due course and also the bureaucratic family of the State.
Aradhana and her parents should be honored and bestowed national bravery award for standing up against such powerful lobby without having a fallback. Like communal riots during the partition and terrorist attacks on Kashmiri Pandits, this family was also made a refuge but they did not give up their fight for the right cause.
Our cool and patient judiciary after hearing the case for long nineteen years sentenced Rathor for SIX months imprisonment and a fine of Rs.1000/-. What Ruchika would have thought of this judgment if she could have risen form her ashes. All the pain, sorrow, humiliation would have gushed up and would have said loud and clear that her brutal murderer has been set free.
Our various NGO’s working for the cause of women or cry for women empowerment are surprisingly quiet or they will take another nineteen years to ponder and decide as to what line of action they should take against this unprecedented unjust sentence.
Men like Rathor if you can call them men are worst than Pandher and Koli put together because our constitution placed immense responsibility in their hands under oath and they very conveniently and scrupulously insult the trust.
Its time we should introspect as to who killed or rather who insulted the departed soul of Ruchika Girhotra, our politicans, our judicary by passing such a light sentence for such a heinous crime or our social structure which does not respond to any atrocities.
We need many more family like that of Aradhana.

-Rajive S Notyal


  1. delays in justice is injustice...and this is injustice...